As of the autumn 2008, Nova's stamp auctions are a part of AB Philea's auctions (together with Lars-Tore Eriksson Stamp Auctions and Frimärkskompaniet).


Stefan and Göran Heijtz further enhance the knowledge of the Philea team with their areas of expertise. They continue to accept deliveries at the Nova premises, as before, and material will be processed and described there to a degree.


The auctions are arranged entirely by AB Philea, which means that Philea will produce the catalogues, both the printed ones and the ones on the internet, conduct the auctions, send out the invoices and material, and settle with the vendors.


Although Stefan and Göran work continuously to accept consignments for all the Philea auctions, an extra effort will be made twice per year, similarly to the way Nova has been working.


Nova's previous consignors/vendors will keep the conditions they have had with Nova, also for consignments for future auctions.


The mailing lists of the two companies are combined to one, in the same way as with the other companies in the "Philea-group". This means that the auctions can be seen by even more customers than before.


The advantages to the consignors/vendors are obvious: The material will be exposed to a larger clientele which means that sales will be better and higher prices will be achieved. Better auctions will also attract more and stronger buyers.


The buyers will also see advantages by the fact that the auctions will be bigger and more interesting and there will be more material to choose from.


Nova's final picture postcard auction, which has been planned for some time, will be carried out by Nova during 2009, and Nova will continue to arrange Swedish postmark auctions in their own name.


Otherwise, Nova through Göran Heijtz will continue to participate at collector's fairs and exhibitions throughout Sweden and Scandinavia. At these events, it will of course also be possible to hand over consignments to Philea's auctions, and material can be picked up locally in the areas close to these events.


Nova will continue to trade with stamps, postmarks and picture postcards.


We hope that everybody will feel that this development is exciting and positive and we welcome all old and new clients to the new arrangement.


Nova Stamps AB

Stefan Heijtz & Göran Heijtz


AB Philea

Peter Johansen & Christer Svensson & Bertil Rafting